• Viktor Kosenko Associate Professor, State Enterprise "Kharkіv Scientific-Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering Technology"



investment project, decision making, ways of financing, variant selection, user interface


The subject matter of the study is the processes of planning investment projects for the development of organizations. The goal of this article is to develop an algorithm and software product of the decision support system to select the method of attracting investment project funds. The following tasks were solved in the article: the model of complex planning was studied and the investment project was implemented, the method of selecting an optimal variant of investment project implementation was developed, the elements of the decision support system to select the investment method were specified. The following methods were used: the system analysis, the project approach, plural theoretical models, the heuristic methods of selection, production rules. The following results were obtained: it is shown that the efficiency of the investment process is related to the assessment and selection of the most attractive investment projects from a number of alternatives, which will provide the maximum profit in the future; the strategic tasks of investing in the development of organizations and enterprises are singled out; the main finances that can be involved in carrying out an investment project are considered; the concepts of an investment project, a subject and an object of the investment activity were defined; the above concepts were formalized using the theory of sets and the system approach; the basic conditions under which the project should be implemented are formulated; the generalized diagram of the investment project implementation is developed. While developing the method of selecting the optimal variant of the investment project, the types of source information about the project and the organization which will use the finances are involved are determined. The rules for selecting the preferred variants for attracting investment depending on project factors are presented as a table. The generalized iterative algorithm for selecting the method of investing is built. The main dialogue forms of the user interface of the decision support system are considered. Conclusions. The application of the proposed method and decision support system at the planning stage of the investment project will enable making sound decisions regarding the selection of an investment method depending on the main factors of the project and the object of investment.


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Author Biography

Viktor Kosenko, Associate Professor, State Enterprise "Kharkіv Scientific-Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering Technology"

Doctor of Sciences (Engineering), Associate Professor, State Enterprise "Kharkіv Scientific-Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering Technology", Director


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